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Score Guarantee

World's First ever, up to 710

Math Notebook and Calculator

Options of Score Guarantee

Four Guaranteed Scores with Different Fees

We can guarantee your score based on your payment as follows:

  • 550 to 590 - HKD9,000

  • 600 to 650 - HKD11,000

  • 650 to 700 - HKD15,000

  • 710+ - HKD21,000

You will have unlimited hours of coaching (subject to the availability of you and us) within 1 year of the first class of Regular Coaching​

Full Refund if below Guaranteed Score

Real Score Guarantee without Tricks

​If you cannot get your guaranteed score, you will receive your payment in full, subject to the Terms and Conditions stated below.

Your coaching will be ended after we have refunded you in full.

Adult Students
Online Tutorial

Terms and Conditions

24 hours of Regular Coaching | 4 Attempts | 1 Year

  • You have to settle the payment based on your required Score Guarantee (mentioned above) in full in the first class of Regular Coaching

  • To become eligible for Refund for your score falling below the guaranteed score, you must have satisfied the following three conditions:

  • Taken at least 24 hours of Regular Coaching 

  • Taken 4 exam attempts

  • Performed the above two conditions within One Year of the first class of Regular Coaching

  • No refund will be provided if you fail to satisfy the conditions mentioned above

  • Once you get your guaranteed score, no refund will be provided in any case

  • You may choose to accept a score below your guaranteed score and surrender your potential request for refund

  • You will need to provide your official score report as proof of scores in all previous attempts (unofficial report not accepted)

Score Guarantee: Services
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