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Your Last-Mile Accelerator for 700+

GMATz provides highly customized personal GMAT coaching for you with score guarantee up to 710 

Our coaching is highly technique-focused so as to boost your scores within the shortest possible time, i.e. a month.

To take our coaching in the most effective way, you should have equipped with a certain level of GMAT prep.

You can have taken prep courses from other institutions, taken GMAT exams before, or self-prepped for a month.

84% of our students could score 700+, getting into M7, INSEAD, LBS, Oxbridge, and other top 20 worldwide.

Moreover, you can enjoy high flexibility in time, duration, venue, fee, and contents - best fit for your needs

With our secret and quick-win techniques, you can easily crack the following 12 tricky GMAT questions in 2 min each:

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Problem Solving

The function O(m,n) denotes the product of n consecutive positive odd integers starting from the mth positive odd integer. If O(m, n) = 45045, what is the value of O(m+1, m)?

A. 693

B. 3465

C. 9009

D. 45045

E. 135135

  • First 2-hour FREE

  • F2F in Hong Kong, or online if you are not

  • Not GMAT introduction, but technique-focused coaching

  • No hidden charge, can stop if you find enough

  • Free Test of 40 questions for your trial now 

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  • Harvard Grad

  • HKU Honorary Lecturer

  • Director at Global-500

  • 10+ years GMAT coaching

  • Students from 10+ countries

  • 500+ coached

  • 770 Q51 V44 (top 1%)

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